NABDP Helps Villagers Live a Healthier Life through Safe Drinking Water

Clean, Safe Drinking water is a basic right. A lack of clean water affects sanitation, health, food supplies and economic development.

In the remote areas of Urozgan province, NABDP implemented 12 water supply projects including two deep wells, nine shallow wells and one water reservoir providing safe drinking water to 47,765 people. Also implementation of these projects provided temporary employment opportunities for rural skilled and unskilled labors by creating 12,736 labor days with allocated budget of USD $ 398,046.

Haji Hamed, resident of Chinar-Tu district tells NABDP, “I have lost my two children due to water born diseases and spent an enormous amount of money on their treatment. The entire village was using water from open channels for drinking purposes; everyone suffered from water born diseases.” He added, “Most of us are farmers and work in the field every day. Earlier due to the unavailability of safe drinking water nearby, our children and women used to bring water from unsafe sources. But now we are very happy with NABDP/MRRD. Thanks to them, our health and lives are both safe."    

The projects also decreased the workload of women and children. Prior to this, people were collecting water from sources such as springs, rivers and kandas. Now, with availability of clean drinking water to residences, many hours of labour have been saved. Women are now able to fully care their children and are able to support the men in their field activities. Children are also able to regularly go to school.