Stepping into the Good Future

National Area-Based Development Program (NABDP/MRRD) trained 60 women in tailoring training for 5 months in Sedarak village of Kunduz province, with the total cost of $ 27,728 USD which was funded by European Union (EU) through NABDP/MRRD for the capacity development of women.

Women capacity development trainings are one of the main projects which are warmly welcomed by the women across the country. This project brought a lot of positive changes in women life’s, before many women were jobless, the only money earner in their families were their husbands, which by the wages that they earn wasn’t enough to support their families and doesn’t have money for their treatments and their children did not go to schools because they did not have money for stationery.

Now 60 women learnt tailoring, each of them is able to work in her home and get a lot of income for their family. A pair of cloths costs 300 Afs in bazaar and they are sewing one pair of cloths by 250 Afs, not only their own village but from other villages the customers are bring cloths for sewing and each month they are getting a lot of income for their family, and this is NABDP/MRRD achievements which also involved women in business by which they brought a positive changes in their families economical conditions.

Bibi Gul resident of Sedarak village said that “I am 34 years old, my husband is disable and lame and I have 4 children, all my family expenditure is on my shoulder, prior to attending the tailoring training, I was suffering so much problems in my life for being  jobless, there was no job for me, I was going to district center or other  areas to wash other people’s cloths, specially going to those houses where people were planning wedding party, I was working as labor in wedding parties to find some foods for my family, which was very difficult job for me, but now I am very thankful from NABDP/MRRD that facilitated this training opportunities by which I became professional tailor and now am getting enough income for my family each month, which is provided a good livelihood for us.