Success Story of MHP in Badkhshan, 68 Kilowatt Power Lightening 486 Families Houses in Farghamiro, Jurm District of Badkhshan Province

National Area-Based Development Program (NABDP/MRRD) allocated $142,242 USD on the Construction of Micro-Hydro Power Plants (MHP) funded by the European Union (EU) at Farghamiro village, Jurm district of Badkhshan province, which created 4,552 labor days with 3,402 beneficiaries.

Prior to the construction of this plant, people had lots of problems with deficiency of electricity in their village, people were going to district bazaar which is located 15 kilo meter far away from this village to purchase fuel, lamp, wick and candle for lighting their houses.  Such process took so long and caused economical problems to the villagers as fuel one liter cost increased to 70 Afs which is a huge amount of money for a poor villager.

Haji Samad Khan,A resident of this village said that“ Using of these materials like lamp, generator, gas and candles was producing pollution and also cost a lot. The production of these pollution caused breathing illness to us especially to children and women, but now by the grace of Allah, we found out that NABDP/MRRD, program has implemented this project in our district; we are getting free power from our natural resources. In addition, for this project we constructed a canal of water, and now we are using water for our irrigation purposes in an organized ways, before we were unable to control the water, sometimes the overflow of water causing problems to us and by the completion of this project now our irrigation system is also organized, which is all the benefit of this project.”

He also added “there were some enmities of some families with each other, we lost many youth in this enmities but when NABDP/MRRD started the construction of this plant, we all together worked in this project and because of this project that problem also solved, and by implementation of this project, many changes came in to our life. Now we have TV in our home to know more about new changes in Afghanistan and worldwide. We are washing our cloths by washing machine and ironing cloths by the iron. More over we have a computer training course, for all the benefit of this project, we really appreciate the excellent job of NABDP/MRRD.”

Villagers appreciated the great work of NABDP/MRRD, because the program created a District Development Assemblies (DDAs) in each district and across the country and this project was also implemented by the request of DDA in this district and DDA was regularly monitoring the project.


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